I make a range of early and folk woodwind and stringed instruments in my workshop in rural Cambridgeshire. I also repair modern woodwind instruments. Watch this page for various updates on the instruments and workshop as they develop...

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Swedish Bagpipes

Here is the latest Swedish Bagpipe. Unstained sycamore, in the traditional E/A minor tuning. Only available direct from me. Use the "contact me" button on the left hand side of this page!

Swedish bagpipes

Swedish bagpipes

All the current block flute range

Here are the fipple instruments available direct from me, or from the Early Music Shop ... c, d and G tabor pipes: Medieval recorder and d folk whistle

fipple instruments...

fipple instruments...

Modern Woodwind Repairs

I repair the full range of modern woodwinds. Please contact me for any repairs, large or small. I will always give you a quote before starting work.

Three-holed pipe

Here is the latest instrument from my workshop - a three-holed pipe in "d" made from locally grown sycamore. Other keys and woods to come later this year, and percussion to go with them by next year.

Tabor pipe in "d"

Tabor pipe in "d"

Appalachian Mountain Banjo

Here are a few shots of the fretless Appalachian Mountain Banjo I make. This one is American walnut, poplar and oak, with nylon strings, skin head and friction pegs.


Swedish Bagpipe

And here is my Swedish Bagpipe in the (traditional) key of A with cane reeds. There are several double finger holes to enable tuning to the various Swedish modes. I will be working on one in the key of G, which will prove more useful for other folk and early music.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Workshop latest...

The fretted Mountain Banjo model is now up and running (fretless still available) and three-holed pipes will be available later this year (in D and G). Other keys will come later still.